Nondenominational Christianity

Do you want to learn more about nondenominational Christianity?


Since the day of Pentecost, there have been people who have followed the simple New Testament pattern of Christianity.

What is nondenominational Christianity? Much of what is referred to as "nondenominational" is actually "interdenominational." What's the difference? "Interdenominational" accepts all beliefs, "nondenominational" rejects all man-made doctrines and strives to follow only what the Bible teaches.

Does it really matter? Jesus says it does. Notice what He has to say in passages such as Matthew 7:21-23 and Mark 7:6-9.

What things are important? What doctrinal matters are important? Here are four of the important categories.

Authority: How do we arrive at decisions about religious questions? Where do we find the authority for what we do?

Salvation: How is a person saved? The correct answer to this question should be important to everyone.

Organization: The church of the New Testament is organized in a certain way. How does a religious group compare with this example?

Worship: The New Testament prescribes a certain form for worship. How does a religious group compare with this pattern?